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Softvelum is a technology company that provides software solutions for media streaming.

Softvelum is well-regarded in the multimedia streaming industry and is known for its commitment to quality, reliability, and customer support, and has a strong reputation. The company’s products are widely used by organizations in a variety of industries, including sports, entertainment, gaming, and education. Our mission is to provide flexible and cost-effective solutions for multimedia streaming.

Nimble Streamer is a software streaming server. Nimble Streamer can act as an origin server as well as efficient computing edge solution.

Nimble Streamer is a powerful and flexible streaming server that supports a wide range of protocols and formats, including SRT, RTMP, NDI, WebRTC, HLS, RTSP, and others.
Nimble Streamer provides a full range of features for streaming live and VOD, including ABR streaming, DRM encryption, access control and more.

Nimble Streamer is cost-effective: high-performance efficient processing and minimal resource consumption along with flexible pricing options gives high return of investments.

WMSPanel is a web-based management and control panel for Nimble Streamer.
The web service provides a central interface for managing and monitoring all aspects of the streaming process.
WMSPanel allows administrators to manage multiple streaming servers from a single interface, making it easy to deploy and scale streaming solutions.

Larix is a family of products that provides a complete solution for mobile contribution and playback.

Larix Broadcaster is a flagship free mobile app that allows users to broadcast live video from their mobile devices using SRT, RTMP, WebRTC, NDI, Zixi, RTSP and RIST.

Larix Player free app provides easy playback of SRT, Icecast, RTMP, SLDP and other protocols.

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